Weddings are on my mind at the moment. A lot. Well, seeing as I am getting married in about 10 days, I guess they should be. 

My main concern is remembering the day, closely followed by finding out where the venue hides the ice, so I can de-puff my face if I should happen to bawl during the ceremony. I am a bad crier. Not pretty, instead I get red, puffy and make horrid shapes with my mouth. 

My favourite thing about wedding prep has been making my table lights. Old jars picked up from everyone I know (and a few strangers) and the ends of rolls of curtain lace at the local Spotlight has helped me make magical, lacey tealight holders which hopefully will look amazing. 

So, here is my first blog entry! Woot. Now, I try to turn my mind from weddings to multiple regressions for my stats course. 

Good fun 🙂



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