My view on: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

As usual with Mortons’ books, I devoured the book over two days. And while her stories are very formulaic, I thought this was a real return to form after the somewhat dull previous one. I can’t even remember the names, that is how much I didn’t enjoy that one. Something about Hours. Anyway.

I loved The Secret Keeper. I loved her characterisation and development of all the characters, although I really wanted to get to know Laurel’s siblings a little better. Rose and Gerry were very interesting. I liked the journey of Dorothy, and the infamous Morton twist at the end was brilliant. 

Morton always makes me ache for England in her descriptions of the countryside, the cities the characters visit (in this one, London and Cambridge feature) and in the day to day life. 

I really can’t write more without giving away the storyline, I am terrible for that!

But, please, read it. And if you haven’t read her others, The Forgotten Garden is one of my all time favourites and The Shifting Fog is unforgettable. 

I am currently reading Case Histories. 


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