I have no idea how i have managed to allow myself to become bored over the last few weeks, but bored I have become. I have had no desire to really do anything. I guess after moving and changing careers and all the hectic-ness (totally a word here) that was late January and February, I have gone a little flat. NO MORE!

Things to do other than watch Telly or star at Phone looking at the same four social media apps for hours on end –

Read new books

Make notes of awesome new words, phrases and ideas as I read (takes discipline to carry notebooks with book)

Do some study – hey I am still a student after all

Put on an exercise video… one of the ‘should’s I constantly feel pressure from. 

Eat a frozen popper while the weather is still warm, but eat it outside, admiring the lovely outdoors. 


I spend so, SO, much of my time indoors. Yesterday i looked out and noticed that one of the trees in our garden, well its probably more of a bush, is flowering with beautiful purple blooms. But I never go outside. I always have an excuse – too hot, too sunny, cant be bothered putting on suncream, I always get bitten by insects (WHICH IS TOTALLY TRUE). 


And hey look, once I start writing I really don’t want to stop. Must make more of an effort with this soon. 



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