In search of the 30-something year old blog…


So I have a massive guilty pleasure in watching beauty blog videos on YouTube. Well, it’s not even that much of a guilty pleasure, I really enjoy watching them. But it seems to be impossible to find many you tubers who are over the age of 30. There are probably a few out there, so if you know of any, let me know! I have stumbled across Goss and the Pixiwoo girls, although I am not too sure how old the Pixiwoo girls are. But my other favourites, particularly Vivianna Does Makeup and Essie Button, and the legions of their followers, all seem a bit young. And I want makeup and skin care recc’s for my skin, at my age. Of course, there is the amazing Sali Hughes, but again, not really a you tube gal. I highly recommend her site, and the videos she does on there are great.

I am kind of crossing my own point here, aren’t I?

Although I love talking beauty, I don’t have too many friends with the same interests. I just wrote a letter to a dear friend who is going to the hallowed beauty halls of Myer in George St for the first time, so I wrote a whole lot of guidance style information, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I will write little mini reviews here. I am not the kind of person to be making you tube videos anyway, I hate the sound of my voice and I don’t really need to add any of the internet vitriol into my own life – I am happy and at peace, and I like it that way, thank you very much. But I am in search…

So what do 30 something blogs look like? I guess they don’t only focus on beauty because there is supposed to be more to life at that point? I don’t know; family, marriage, a home, a career and other interests, reading, swimming etc. Beauty sits right up there with those for me. And I won’t apologize for it! So I would like to see more! Chatty, direct, no BS vlogs. Is that too much to ask?


Who are your favourite bloggers? 


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