WARNING: Language.

Yet another goal of mine is to start exploring language a little more. Particularly, my use of language. I adore reading, and appreciate how even on twitter the way some people use specific phrases and words. Their language, use of language, brings me such joy. So I want to become more of a wordsmith.


I guess my use of language became simplified and direct when I started teaching English in high school in 2007. I don’t do it anymore, but reflecting on that time has helped me to realize that I narrowed down my vocabulary to get the thrust of an idea or topic across to my students, and would then try to reverse that by getting them to explore synonyms. If I were still teaching today, I think I would do it in reverse. It is far better, I think, to have a child ask ‘what does that mean?’ even in their own mind, than to blandly recognize the same word over and over. Of course, I narrowed and restricted my vocabulary in order to reach often illiterate and disinterested children, but I think I allowed my students to dictate what I taught, rather than the opposite.


So, how shall I do this? Well, I have bought three little notebooks for each handbag. And when I read a word or phrase that I really enjoy, admire or that strikes me, I will put it in the notebook, and then once a week, maybe Thursday is a good day for this, write a post including these words or exploring the phrase.


Of course I cannot think of any now, but hopefully, this will broaden the scope of vocab, the words my mind scrambles for when I am trying to describe, direct or inform something, and my language will naturally change. Without the awkward effects of the synonym tool in word.


And then one day I will finally teach myself how to use commas and semicolons correctly.


What is your favourite word, words or phrases to hear, read and write?


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