What I am reading.


Or rather what I am not.

I have taken a break from Outlander, my first book for 2014. I was reading it in the company of my little dog who sadly died recently, and the memories are too fresh for me to re enter that world.

I did read about half of it in two days. It was engaging enough for me to be interested and it is not a predictable as I initially thought it would be. I do find the way the narrator is written very confusing; I don’t understand her reactions some times as they seem really out of place for a woman of her time, and at times her reflections on events seem to contradict what she previously said or did. But my husband gave me the first five in the series so I will persevere! And I am liking it. It’s just not the gripping, un-put-down-able book people have made it out to be, which happens all the time.


I then picked up Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath. I have adored everything else I have read by Gladwell in the past. I find his books engaging and interesting and often related the ideas back to my own life or experiences. So I don’t know if my reaction to this book was that it is so American centric or if it is my personal feeling preventing me from focussing, but I was super bored by this book. I couldn’t really see the point he was trying to make, each chapter felt like it wandered too far off the essential point he may have been trying to make. It just wasn’t as concise and exact as his other books have been, in my opinion. I still like the way he writes and this will in no way stop me from buying his books in the future… but I haven’t even finished it yet. I am hoping, really hoping, that when I do go back to finish it, all the lightbulb light up and it all makes sense. But life is too short to persevere with books that aren’t grabbing you!


It is really rare for me to give up on a book. I feel defeated when I do, but also empowered. It is a strange feeling, because I feel like I owe it to the author to honour my commitment to their work, but at the same time, if it isn’t enriching my life on any level, then it is a waste of my precious moments, isn’t it?


What are you reading? What books have you ever given up on?


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