Face of the day- without the face.

On my face today-
Antipodes Hosanna Serum. OMG I adore this serum. It’s so light and perfect for hot summer days, yet hydrating enough to make my dehydrated face happy.
Neutrogena sunscreen- I can’t remember the actual name and for the life of me I can’t find the bottle! It’s the dry touch 50spf stuff anyway. But it’s one of my favourites. I’ve been putting it on a good 20 minutes before doing the rest of my makeup, and I have breakfast and clean my teeth. This allows it to dry and stop being greasy before I put my foundation on. Back to loving this baby full time!

Foundation : Revlon Nearly Naked liquid and powder. I love the liquid big time, but my skin has recently darkened ever so slightly from all the time I’ve spent on the beach over the summer, an it’s slightly too pink for me right now. However I do adore the formulation- light and the perfect coverage for when my skin is fairly good. Like the perfect TM. The powder really helps it set over the sunscreen.
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. My all time favourite concealer but again a little too pink for me right now. I need custard too. But… The perfect formulation.
Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes in Lotta Latte. The ideal bronze colour- in the cooler tone than something like the Maybelline Bad to the Bronze. It’s perfect for my pale skin. I swipe a few lines over my lid and then blend it with my finger. I have some other Chubby Sticks for eyes and I adore them. Stop testing on animals please Clinique!
Smashbox Gel Liner in Navy. This is more electric blue than navy but I love the colour for summer. It enough contrast to make my brown eyes stand out. Perfectly applied with the Real Techniques Liner Brush. Adore. Contrasts with Lotta Latte to perfection.
Guerlian Cils D’Efner. Best. Mascara. Ever. Seriously. Perfect packaging, perfect formulation, perfect length and volume. I will never be without this and if you haven’t tried this, you should.
NARS blush in Desire. Ballerina blush in a sublime form. Only had this for a few days and I love it.
TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer – soft, creamy, applies and blends like a dream. Stands out nicely when you want the highlighter to stand out but isn’t too obvious. Gives you a light workout glow. I bought a second one to give to my sister I love it so bad.
Bobbi Brown Sheer Lipstick in Rosy. I’ve overused this word in this post, but seriously I love this lipstick hard. So hard. Perfect.




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3 responses to “Face of the day- without the face.

  1. I have the chubby stick from Clinique in fuller fudge it’s so good, I use it as a base for my cream shadow. One of my faves!

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