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Navy Eyeliner

Navy Eyeliner.



One of my favourite summer looks is navy eyeliner with a neutral toned eyeshadow and barely there mascara. I love navy in the summertime! It might not be the look of ‘the moment’ but I find it really classic, cool and chic.

My current favourites are Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner in 02 Bleu and Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Navy Blue.

The Guerlain is a lovely deep and classic navy. The bottle is a beauty to behold, and reminds me of some kind of Persian treasure, with its long slim gold lid over a reassuringly heavy matte glass pot. The bush is firm enough to give a nice clean line without too much expertise needed from the person wielding it. The eyeliner itself is opaque and applies perfectly with one swipe – no need to go back and fill in the weird sheer places you get with some other liquid eyeliners. I mainly wear this with MAC Paint Pot in Camel Coat during the day, just to the end of my eyelid, and maybe at night with a tiny feline flick at the ends.

The SmashBox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner is a much more modern take on the idea of navy – or is it a call back to the eighties? Either way, I absolutely love it. To be completely honest with you, for a long time I didn’t wear it as an eyeliner at all, but rather as a cream eyeshadow to funk up an outfit when I was going out. And it works perfectly like that too! I apply this with my Real Techniques eyeliner brush, and the thing I really love about this product is that it’s really build-able. I can have quite a sheer electric blue look going on along my lash line, or build it to be that dark navy look. Either way, it’s very nice. The colour itself is a little more iridescent than the Guerlain, far lighter in colour and closer to royal blue than true navy. I live in fear of the day it starts to dry out, as I have no idea how to re-moisten these things!

Next on my navy list is the Clinique Quickliner Intense in Midnight.

Have you tried navy eyeliner? What ones do you love?


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Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick.


I currently only have two of these beauties, but I am waiting with bated breath for my local Priceline to stock the ‘new’ colours (i.e. ones that have been available on asos for AAAAAGES! – and to be fair I did order one for my sister in law on there, and they have since been out of stock of the colours I wanted by the time I figured out how much I wanted them!). I love the formula of these lipsticks – I find they wear really well, they don’t need to have perfectly prepared lips to be able to wear them, and I have found them to wear off evenly, so on nights out, I don’t have to look like a freak as I eat my meal!


I have owned (and written before) Oxford Street Fuchsia for about four months now. I love it. It’s quite a neon leaning fuchsia, and is very, very FUN. It works very well against my skin tone, which is quite pale, but I think it would work on a wide range of skin tones, if you like that slightly neon look. It has been one of my go-to lipsticks for summer, even with no other makeup, to pop down to the shops. It puts a smile on my face. I do find this shade more moisturizing than the next one…


I recently bought Funtime Fuchsia for about $6 at Priceline because they are clearing the old colours out to make way for the new ones (more about that in a tick). This colour is so lovely on. It’s a little closer to my all time favourite fuchsia lipstick (Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy) but it’s a little darker toned. While it’s not so ‘in your face’ as the other, it’s still very vibrant and when I recently wore it on a day out shopping the beauty counters at David Jones, I did have a couple of fellow shoppers ask me what I was wearing. This one is not as moisturizing as OSF, but not drying either. It works really well as a stain however, and I have used it to create a more muted look with gold eyeshadow.


So, what are the colours I am looking forward to? I really can’t wait to add In Love With Ginger to my collection of orange reds, and I have heard that As You Like Victoria is a deadest dupe for Hot Rose Sinner by Lipstick Queen. The local Priceline have my number for when they come in to stock. I can’t wait to hear my phone ring!


Have you tried these Rimmel lipsticks? What do you think?

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Things I bought: ASOS Dress Review #2

Another disappointment and two massive wins. Lets get to them shall we?


This Thistle Print dress has had my interest for quite some time. I have watched it come down in price and go in and out of stock for some months now. It might be still out of stock now. I ordered the dress is my regular size. The dress is much more pink than it looks on the website, and is made of a crepe style fabric. The dress fitted well everywhere except the arms, which were far too skinny for mine anyway. A shame, but another return.


I ordered this dress in pink a while back, and I ordered it recently in black and white. Love it. Have worn it twice since it arrived. Fabulous. I think the key to having the bra strap show is to make it a sexy, lacy bra. Something that catches the eye, without being boring or too safe. Like, hey, I am wearing something good under this dress.


And finally this green ASOS dress. I love it. I love the colour and the fit, and everything about it. I wish I had ordered it in a number of colours. The skirt is swishy enough without being full, and the fabric is light without being clingy. The fit is excellent, the sleeves are perfect cap sleeves and don’t cut in on the arm. It skims my silhouette nicely, without highlighting any doughnut induced bumps. This dress makes me feel like I’ve been eating well and exercising hard. I will be wearing this one to work with black boots and a long silver necklace I think!


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I’ve Been Listening To… Podcasts. TOFOP.

I love podcasts. I really do. I first starting listening to podcasts in the form of the ‘best of’ of radio shows (namely Hamish and Andy) when I used to live a 12 hours drive from my mothers house (I still measure distances in hours driving). The long drive every school holiday (I used to be a school teacher) was easier to do with someone talking to me, and none of the radio stations in the town I worked in played H&A, so it was new and interesting. From there I downloaded the podcast versions of Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope and a few other ones, until I came across TOFOP. TOFOP started my real lover affair with real podcasts, not tv show recordings or radio shows without the music. And TOFOP remains my favourite.

If you want to know the TOFOP story, visit the website It’s currently running under the name of FOFOP, because one of the founding hosts had to leave for a proper, paid job. And, while my heart properly leapt when I recently listened to Wil interview Charlie for Wilosophy (a far more emotional reaction that I was prepared for) I really enjoy TOFOP in it’s new incarnation with recurring and new guests discussing all kinds of interesting things.

I really enjoy TOFOP/FOFOP because it challenges me. I like to talk back to Wil and his ‘Guest Charlie’ because most of the time, the topics are interesting and somewhat relevant to me. One of the more recent episodes was really interesting (I have to say they are all really interesting- I am yet to not finish an episode. I would love to write a blog on my reactions to each, but a) that’s probably boring and no one would read it, and b) I still listen in the car or when I am outside, so I can’t write down immediate thoughts anyway).

So anyway, the episode I want to talk about is called Two Chicks One Bloke, with the guest Wendy Wason.


It was a great episode, and it was interesting to hear Wendy discuss the life of a jobbing actor and comedian, as a parent of two children who also work in the same industry, and *bonus*, she has a fantastic accent. Actually, the bonus would be her description of working with Benedict Cumberbatch. Anyway.

At one point in the conversation, Wil and Wendy talk about how they dislike people who are rude and dismissive of wait staff, or anyone in a job where they might be treated as lesser than. Wendy says that that feeling of being treated like rubbish, isn’t something that you can take off at the end of the night, with your uniform. That it stays with you. Her comment really resonated with me, and years after giving up jobs of being a waitress, receptionist and check out chick, I still recall with burning humiliation, the people who made me feel like shit in my job; not because they yelled at me or because I did something wrong, but because they were dismissive of me as a person. It’s one of the principals I live my life by – be kind. Don’t be a dick.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan you will love her story of her son getting a job on the show.

And while it’s been a running theme on the show for some years, even back when Charlie was on, hearing Wendy discuss the effects of pornography on her children (in the future- they’re not watching porn now) and how easily accessible it is, was really interesting. She said that kids looking at pornography as a guide on sex is like reading Harry Potter and thinking Hogwarts resembles a real school. It is such an excellent way to explain it to young people. Not that they want old people to explain anything about sex to them, but… it could become something slightly oder adolescents say to younger ones.


Anyway, I have written about the serious issues bought up, but it is also very funny! I laugh a lot when I listen to TOFOP/FOFOP and while I thought a blog post about why I loved it so much would be easy to write, it’s been much harder than I thought. Maybe next time I will write what I think immediately after listening.


What podcasts do you listen to? Hit me up with some good ones to add to my playlists.

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What I am Reading: Running Like a Girl

Book Review: Running Like  a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley.


I bought this book while I was waiting in the blood donor center. To my absolute mortification, I realized they had to weigh me before I could donate. To say I would have preferred to stick pins in my eyes is an understatement. In a flash of motivation that only such a public humiliation can inspire, I jumped onto the book depository and ordered this little beauty. I had read loads of reviews and heard numerous recommendations, and I though $17 is a tiny investment to make. What if it works? What if I turn into a long limbed goddess, like Robyn Lawley?

I read this book over a few days, not because it is long or difficult to engage with; quite the opposite, it’s very engaging and almost unputdownable. I wanted to savor each chapter. Reading this was like having a great catch up with an old friend. Heminsley has a very honest and open style, which really drew me in. I put the book down after each chapter to really consider what she was saying, what she had experienced, and how I would feel going through the same thing.

Heminsley explains the necessary kit and all the factual aspects of running really well, but what she really excels in doing is exploring the fickle nature of motivation, and the meditative state of running. I currently experience the same state while walking. I was interested to hear how she adapted from running a different route almost every day to running the same route daily. That is the part of running I feel drawn to, as well as engaging with my body in a different manner.

Has the book inspired me to run a marathon? No. No, I don’t have any interest in running marathons. Has it inspired me to run 5 kilometers, working up to 10? Why, yes, yes it has. The frank explanations of the mental strength it takes to go through ‘the wall’ made me realized that the only wall I want to hit is a very small crumbly one, which I can easily move through. Not one at kilometer 36.

So I have dusted off those trainers and have downloaded a running program and I will hopefully one day be able to talk while I am running!

Have you read Running Like a Girl? What did you think?

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What’s In My Bag?

What’s in my bag?


When I first saw these posts on YouTube and on blogs I was a bit WTF. I didn’t really see the interest. But I have since been converted. I think I have read just about every single one out there, and definitely watched most of them in the YouTube world. So here is my shabby little contribution. I don’t do fancy handbags, I like something very functional and colourful, and I try not to carry too much around with me, as if my shoulders are unevenly weighted, my back goes out. SEXY!


  1. Bag. I spotted this randomly online and mentioned it in passing to my OH who promptly hunted it down and gave it to me for my birthday last year. I don’t think I have stopped using it since. I love the colour, the size and the way I can wear the strap across my body. The size means I can’t cram too much in there, and that I clean it out often, although having looked at it for this, it definitely needs a wash of some sort.
  2. Headphones/ iPhone/iPod. I am using my iPhone, which works as my iPod to take the photo, so the headphones represent all three. Can be without the phone part, can’t be without my ipod part and headphones.
  3. Black comb. The joys of having a fringe in humid weather!
  4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer suncream. Never without it.
  5. House key ring- A friend gave me this, proper tiny converse keyring. I wore blue sparkly cons on my wedding day, so she gave me this as a reminder. Love it – makes finding my key very easy.
  6. Car key – key ring. A tardis. Love it.
  7. New york notebook. Looking a little worse for wear. Even though I write most of my notes in my phone, I find writing down things I really want to consider by hand much more beneficial than typing with my thumbs.
  8. Peter Morrisey black leather wallet. I worked in a supermarket for years and years, and when I left, the owner gave me this. I love it. It just stays shut, no matter how much I put in it, without having a press stud or magnetic button to close it.
  9. Old Sportsgirl sunglasses case with el cheapo specsaver sunglasses and Tommy Hilfiger glasses. I wear glasses all the time, and my eyes are super light sensitive (for migraines) so I can never be without the two of these. Just ordered a new pair of prescription sunglasses, so I can’t wait for them to arrive.
  10. All my hairties and three bobby pins.
  11. Naprogesic. I was wondering where this had gotten to!
  12. Three pens. Can’t be without a pen. Makes me panic if I don’t have one with me.
  13. Blood donor badge, from The Red Cross. Two pairs of earrings –  I feel undressed without earrings on. These are emergency pairs for those days fear strikes me in the heart when I am halfway to work and realise I have no earrings on. Saviours.
  14. Work keys on someone elses Teacher’s Credit Union lanyard. Really need a new lanyard.
  15. Glasses gleaning cloth.
  16. Chanel mirror. Always with me. Love it.
  17. Burts Bees Red Dahlia lip balm, Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Anarchy and Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Mod Pink.
  18. Panadol- despise nasty headaches!


I usually have a very tiny bottle of perfume with me too… but the hot weather has made me reluctant to carry it around, in case my bag is in the sun and it wrecks the perfume.


It’s quite boring really. Because I drive to work, and it’s only a short drive, I don’t carry an e-reader, book or laptop/ipad with me. Keeps things light and nice!


So come on, show us yours! 

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What I bought: ASOS Dress Review

Is it just me, or do ASOS need to allow reviews of clothes online?

One of the main things that bothers me about shopping on ASOS is the lack of reviews on the products. It really annoys me. Yes, they have a fantastic returns policy but the lack of information about the range of brands regarding sizing (do you need to size up or down) fabric, give in the garment etc is very frustrating. This week’s purchase is the perfect demonstration of this.


Lightning dress– I have been coveting this dress for a long time. I love it. I love the print, the shape the absolute ‘cool’ness of it. It went on sale recently and so I thought ‘I’ll have that, thank you very much’. I imagined wearing it to a range of places, events and leisure activities. I pictured myself in the dress, wearing it to see Wil Anderson in May, or going out to dinner with my OH. I was so excited to get my hands on it. I would wear it with black tights and boots, black tights and heels, no tights and blue sandals, with statement necklaces or with no jewellery. I was excited, if you haven’t gotten the picture so far.

When it arrived it was very good quality. It looked brilliant. And for the most part it fit, except for across the chest. This is a dress designed for people with very small boobs. My boobs aren’t that big (they’re not that small either) and it totally smooshed my boobs in to the point they looked weird. I guess if you were up to possibly a C cup it *might* fit, but sadly I had to return this one. So sad.


Pink dress. I bought this for a wedding. I love it. The fabric is cool and light; the print is sweet but not too young for me and can be both dressed up and down. Obviously I am not as in love with it as I was with the lightning print dress but I do really like it. Plus I don’t own many things that are pink, so I am happy to add that to my wardrobe.


Now I just need to find some navy heels to wear with it!


I know I would probably buy a whole lot more from ASOS if I could read what other people who are a similar size and shape thought of the garment. There are many times when I think…Oh, I don’t know if that is really going to work with my shape, height etc. I find it really annoying when they talk about the fit being a ‘regular’ fit, when everyone in the fashion industry, especially on the high street, knows that sizing fluctuates wildly between brands. They wouldn’t even need to allow us to leave comments, but a tick a box process would help me decide if the garment I am lusting after will really work with me. Returning is such a faff I really can’t be bothered to buy things just to have to return them. So please ASOS! Add reviews!

What are your ASOS experiences? Does it bother you that you can’t review the items on the website? Do you know why they don’t have reviews on the website?

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