What I bought: ASOS Dress Review

Is it just me, or do ASOS need to allow reviews of clothes online?

One of the main things that bothers me about shopping on ASOS is the lack of reviews on the products. It really annoys me. Yes, they have a fantastic returns policy but the lack of information about the range of brands regarding sizing (do you need to size up or down) fabric, give in the garment etc is very frustrating. This week’s purchase is the perfect demonstration of this.


Lightning dress– I have been coveting this dress for a long time. I love it. I love the print, the shape the absolute ‘cool’ness of it. It went on sale recently and so I thought ‘I’ll have that, thank you very much’. I imagined wearing it to a range of places, events and leisure activities. I pictured myself in the dress, wearing it to see Wil Anderson in May, or going out to dinner with my OH. I was so excited to get my hands on it. I would wear it with black tights and boots, black tights and heels, no tights and blue sandals, with statement necklaces or with no jewellery. I was excited, if you haven’t gotten the picture so far.

When it arrived it was very good quality. It looked brilliant. And for the most part it fit, except for across the chest. This is a dress designed for people with very small boobs. My boobs aren’t that big (they’re not that small either) and it totally smooshed my boobs in to the point they looked weird. I guess if you were up to possibly a C cup it *might* fit, but sadly I had to return this one. So sad.


Pink dress. I bought this for a wedding. I love it. The fabric is cool and light; the print is sweet but not too young for me and can be both dressed up and down. Obviously I am not as in love with it as I was with the lightning print dress but I do really like it. Plus I don’t own many things that are pink, so I am happy to add that to my wardrobe.


Now I just need to find some navy heels to wear with it!


I know I would probably buy a whole lot more from ASOS if I could read what other people who are a similar size and shape thought of the garment. There are many times when I think…Oh, I don’t know if that is really going to work with my shape, height etc. I find it really annoying when they talk about the fit being a ‘regular’ fit, when everyone in the fashion industry, especially on the high street, knows that sizing fluctuates wildly between brands. They wouldn’t even need to allow us to leave comments, but a tick a box process would help me decide if the garment I am lusting after will really work with me. Returning is such a faff I really can’t be bothered to buy things just to have to return them. So please ASOS! Add reviews!

What are your ASOS experiences? Does it bother you that you can’t review the items on the website? Do you know why they don’t have reviews on the website?


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