What’s In My Bag?

What’s in my bag?


When I first saw these posts on YouTube and on blogs I was a bit WTF. I didn’t really see the interest. But I have since been converted. I think I have read just about every single one out there, and definitely watched most of them in the YouTube world. So here is my shabby little contribution. I don’t do fancy handbags, I like something very functional and colourful, and I try not to carry too much around with me, as if my shoulders are unevenly weighted, my back goes out. SEXY!


  1. Bag. I spotted this randomly online and mentioned it in passing to my OH who promptly hunted it down and gave it to me for my birthday last year. I don’t think I have stopped using it since. I love the colour, the size and the way I can wear the strap across my body. The size means I can’t cram too much in there, and that I clean it out often, although having looked at it for this, it definitely needs a wash of some sort.
  2. Headphones/ iPhone/iPod. I am using my iPhone, which works as my iPod to take the photo, so the headphones represent all three. Can be without the phone part, can’t be without my ipod part and headphones.
  3. Black comb. The joys of having a fringe in humid weather!
  4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer suncream. Never without it.
  5. House key ring- A friend gave me this, proper tiny converse keyring. I wore blue sparkly cons on my wedding day, so she gave me this as a reminder. Love it – makes finding my key very easy.
  6. Car key – key ring. A tardis. Love it.
  7. New york notebook. Looking a little worse for wear. Even though I write most of my notes in my phone, I find writing down things I really want to consider by hand much more beneficial than typing with my thumbs.
  8. Peter Morrisey black leather wallet. I worked in a supermarket for years and years, and when I left, the owner gave me this. I love it. It just stays shut, no matter how much I put in it, without having a press stud or magnetic button to close it.
  9. Old Sportsgirl sunglasses case with el cheapo specsaver sunglasses and Tommy Hilfiger glasses. I wear glasses all the time, and my eyes are super light sensitive (for migraines) so I can never be without the two of these. Just ordered a new pair of prescription sunglasses, so I can’t wait for them to arrive.
  10. All my hairties and three bobby pins.
  11. Naprogesic. I was wondering where this had gotten to!
  12. Three pens. Can’t be without a pen. Makes me panic if I don’t have one with me.
  13. Blood donor badge, from The Red Cross. Two pairs of earrings –  I feel undressed without earrings on. These are emergency pairs for those days fear strikes me in the heart when I am halfway to work and realise I have no earrings on. Saviours.
  14. Work keys on someone elses Teacher’s Credit Union lanyard. Really need a new lanyard.
  15. Glasses gleaning cloth.
  16. Chanel mirror. Always with me. Love it.
  17. Burts Bees Red Dahlia lip balm, Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Anarchy and Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Mod Pink.
  18. Panadol- despise nasty headaches!


I usually have a very tiny bottle of perfume with me too… but the hot weather has made me reluctant to carry it around, in case my bag is in the sun and it wrecks the perfume.


It’s quite boring really. Because I drive to work, and it’s only a short drive, I don’t carry an e-reader, book or laptop/ipad with me. Keeps things light and nice!


So come on, show us yours! 


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