What I am Reading: Running Like a Girl

Book Review: Running Like  a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley.


I bought this book while I was waiting in the blood donor center. To my absolute mortification, I realized they had to weigh me before I could donate. To say I would have preferred to stick pins in my eyes is an understatement. In a flash of motivation that only such a public humiliation can inspire, I jumped onto the book depository and ordered this little beauty. I had read loads of reviews and heard numerous recommendations, and I though $17 is a tiny investment to make. What if it works? What if I turn into a long limbed goddess, like Robyn Lawley?

I read this book over a few days, not because it is long or difficult to engage with; quite the opposite, it’s very engaging and almost unputdownable. I wanted to savor each chapter. Reading this was like having a great catch up with an old friend. Heminsley has a very honest and open style, which really drew me in. I put the book down after each chapter to really consider what she was saying, what she had experienced, and how I would feel going through the same thing.

Heminsley explains the necessary kit and all the factual aspects of running really well, but what she really excels in doing is exploring the fickle nature of motivation, and the meditative state of running. I currently experience the same state while walking. I was interested to hear how she adapted from running a different route almost every day to running the same route daily. That is the part of running I feel drawn to, as well as engaging with my body in a different manner.

Has the book inspired me to run a marathon? No. No, I don’t have any interest in running marathons. Has it inspired me to run 5 kilometers, working up to 10? Why, yes, yes it has. The frank explanations of the mental strength it takes to go through ‘the wall’ made me realized that the only wall I want to hit is a very small crumbly one, which I can easily move through. Not one at kilometer 36.

So I have dusted off those trainers and have downloaded a running program and I will hopefully one day be able to talk while I am running!

Have you read Running Like a Girl? What did you think?


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