I’ve Been Listening To… Podcasts. TOFOP.

I love podcasts. I really do. I first starting listening to podcasts in the form of the ‘best of’ of radio shows (namely Hamish and Andy) when I used to live a 12 hours drive from my mothers house (I still measure distances in hours driving). The long drive every school holiday (I used to be a school teacher) was easier to do with someone talking to me, and none of the radio stations in the town I worked in played H&A, so it was new and interesting. From there I downloaded the podcast versions of Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope and a few other ones, until I came across TOFOP. TOFOP started my real lover affair with real podcasts, not tv show recordings or radio shows without the music. And TOFOP remains my favourite.

If you want to know the TOFOP story, visit the website TOFOP.com. It’s currently running under the name of FOFOP, because one of the founding hosts had to leave for a proper, paid job. And, while my heart properly leapt when I recently listened to Wil interview Charlie for Wilosophy (a far more emotional reaction that I was prepared for) I really enjoy TOFOP in it’s new incarnation with recurring and new guests discussing all kinds of interesting things.

I really enjoy TOFOP/FOFOP because it challenges me. I like to talk back to Wil and his ‘Guest Charlie’ because most of the time, the topics are interesting and somewhat relevant to me. One of the more recent episodes was really interesting (I have to say they are all really interesting- I am yet to not finish an episode. I would love to write a blog on my reactions to each, but a) that’s probably boring and no one would read it, and b) I still listen in the car or when I am outside, so I can’t write down immediate thoughts anyway).

So anyway, the episode I want to talk about is called Two Chicks One Bloke, with the guest Wendy Wason.


It was a great episode, and it was interesting to hear Wendy discuss the life of a jobbing actor and comedian, as a parent of two children who also work in the same industry, and *bonus*, she has a fantastic accent. Actually, the bonus would be her description of working with Benedict Cumberbatch. Anyway.

At one point in the conversation, Wil and Wendy talk about how they dislike people who are rude and dismissive of wait staff, or anyone in a job where they might be treated as lesser than. Wendy says that that feeling of being treated like rubbish, isn’t something that you can take off at the end of the night, with your uniform. That it stays with you. Her comment really resonated with me, and years after giving up jobs of being a waitress, receptionist and check out chick, I still recall with burning humiliation, the people who made me feel like shit in my job; not because they yelled at me or because I did something wrong, but because they were dismissive of me as a person. It’s one of the principals I live my life by – be kind. Don’t be a dick.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan you will love her story of her son getting a job on the show.

And while it’s been a running theme on the show for some years, even back when Charlie was on, hearing Wendy discuss the effects of pornography on her children (in the future- they’re not watching porn now) and how easily accessible it is, was really interesting. She said that kids looking at pornography as a guide on sex is like reading Harry Potter and thinking Hogwarts resembles a real school. It is such an excellent way to explain it to young people. Not that they want old people to explain anything about sex to them, but… it could become something slightly oder adolescents say to younger ones.


Anyway, I have written about the serious issues bought up, but it is also very funny! I laugh a lot when I listen to TOFOP/FOFOP and while I thought a blog post about why I loved it so much would be easy to write, it’s been much harder than I thought. Maybe next time I will write what I think immediately after listening.


What podcasts do you listen to? Hit me up with some good ones to add to my playlists.


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