Things I bought: ASOS Dress Review #2

Another disappointment and two massive wins. Lets get to them shall we?


This Thistle Print dress has had my interest for quite some time. I have watched it come down in price and go in and out of stock for some months now. It might be still out of stock now. I ordered the dress is my regular size. The dress is much more pink than it looks on the website, and is made of a crepe style fabric. The dress fitted well everywhere except the arms, which were far too skinny for mine anyway. A shame, but another return.


I ordered this dress in pink a while back, and I ordered it recently in black and white. Love it. Have worn it twice since it arrived. Fabulous. I think the key to having the bra strap show is to make it a sexy, lacy bra. Something that catches the eye, without being boring or too safe. Like, hey, I am wearing something good under this dress.


And finally this green ASOS dress. I love it. I love the colour and the fit, and everything about it. I wish I had ordered it in a number of colours. The skirt is swishy enough without being full, and the fabric is light without being clingy. The fit is excellent, the sleeves are perfect cap sleeves and don’t cut in on the arm. It skims my silhouette nicely, without highlighting any doughnut induced bumps. This dress makes me feel like I’ve been eating well and exercising hard. I will be wearing this one to work with black boots and a long silver necklace I think!



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2 responses to “Things I bought: ASOS Dress Review #2

  1. Naomi

    The green skater dress is really nice.

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