MAC Paint Pots – A Love Story.

Mac Paint Pots




I am relatively new to cream eyeshadow. In my younger years I used to get the eye shadow crayons from Sportsgirl and smear them happily over my lid, only to feel mortified later on when I checked out my appearance to find the eyeshadow had crept into one thick line on my lip. Yuck.

Then, when I got addicted to reading beauty blogs, I found a few people raving about MAC Paint Pot in Painterly in their older posts. I dreamily wandered to the MAC counter in Myer in Sydney and tried it out. I didn’t think the colour worked for my skin and I try to stay away from pink tones near my eyes- I just don’t think the look works for me. But I couldn’t walk away without Vintage Selection, a Paint Pot in very neutral beige tone with the perfect amount of gorgeous shimmer through it. And let me tell you, it was love. I decided to try it for a day before coming back for other colours I had my eye on.

The first day I wore Vintage Selection, I found zero creasing. ZERO! I didn’t wear a primer on my eyelids (I don’t usually anyway, as I find it dries my eyelids out too much and makes them look crepey) and at the end of the day the eyeshadow was still perfectly applied across my entire lid. I practically ran back to Myer the next day and picked up Camel Coat, a matte beige colour and Frozen Violet, a shimmer pale lilac colour.

I am still as overjoyed with these as I was the day I bought them. I wear Camel Coat and Vintage Selection all the time. I get so many compliments of Vintage Selection – every time I wear it someone asks what I have on my eyes. Camel Coat is the perfect every day colour and works really well as a neutral base for putting powder eyeshadows over. I love Frozen Violet and wear it on my rare evenings out.

I was kind of shocked when I hunted online for others who loved the Paint Pots with the incredible fervor I felt… and found basically nothing. Sure a few people still rave about Painterly, but I genuinely can’t wait to grab a couple more next time I am near a MAC counter. I LOVE these, and if I had to pick one eyeshadow formulation to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the Paint Pot.

I guess some people might not like the fact that it comes in a little pot- well let me tell you why I like that! I find that I have greater control over how much goes on my eye when it’s in a pot ; I can apply with a brush or with my finger, and if I have too much product, I can reduce it on the back of my hand. And I can warm the product up by swirling my finger in the pt a few times, which helps with the application process. But really, applying is a dream anyway. So easy to get the perfect eye with these Paint Pots.

Anyway I think I have sung the praises of MAC Paint Pots Enough (I haven’t. I could go on for hours, as I have to my friends and sister, urging them to try these little pots of magic. See! Here I go again).
Have you tried them? Have you got a favourite colour?


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