NARS Blush

NARS Blush




Ah, Blush. The best of the beauty world (don’t worry lipstick and mascara, I still love you too!). I love blush. I find it can really change your appearance. It can make you look healthy and happy, and give you a sense of confidence when you’re not feeling so great or are struggling with your skin that day. As a pretty pale skinned girl, I can look almost ghostly, and people will not hesitate to tell me that I look unwell (nice!) if I skip the blush. But let’s be real. I wear blush for me. I like achieving different effects with different blush. And one of my all time favourite brands for blush, is NARS.

I own three shades at the moment. I say at the moment because I have my eye on two more (at least). I find NARS blushes to be really easy to apply- the formula isn’t too soft, and while some shades are more pigmented than others, I find it hard to over do blush with NARS, unlike some other brands.

Orgasm is the cult favourite, and I can see why. I tired numerous different cheaper ‘dupes’ but don’t be fooled ladies (and gents) – there really isn’t a proper dupe for this shade. I don’t think its just the shade – it’s the way it applies. Now I know some people find it far too gold, and at times I can see that, but to be honest it doesn’t bother me. I can’t imagine my makeup drawer without this beauty, and the dupes I bought have been ceremoniously dumped from my stash.

Deep Throat is the other well known shade from NARS and honestly this is such a favourite for me. For a while I went off shimmer blushes and stopped wearing this, but I have started reaching for it, and reach for it most days. I love the tone on my skin – it’s the perfect blush for a bold lip colour, and it builds really nicely if you want to wear no lip colour. The shade is perfect for my pale skin, and again, it’s a blush I find I can’t really over do.

Finally I have Desire. Desire is a cool tones bright pink blush… and oh, my goodness, I love it. It’s a little more powdery than the other two formulas and is a matte blush. When I wear this blush I find my eyes look brighter and my whole complexion looks brighter. I wear it with my bright fuchsia coloured lipsticks, champagne coloured eyeshadow and lashings of mascara. I love this blush – as scary as it looks in the pan, it works so well on my face, and I can see it working on a range of skin tones.

Next I have my eye on Oasis and Luster.

Do you have any NARS blushes? Which ones are your favourites?


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