Essie: Shake Your $$ Maker

Essie Neon Collection: Shake Your $$ Maker


Essie is one of my favourite nail polish makers- not necessarily because of the formula (sometimes the colours are too sheer or the polish chips and peels off my nails too quickly. The latter is more to do with my nails, than this particular brand). I love Essie because of the colour range. The subtle shifts in the pinks, neutrals and red, the beautiful hues of blue and purple, and then awesome bright fun and on trend colours; all of them really speak to me. Actually, they call my name. I can’t resist. It doesn’t matter that I have more bottles in my collection than a girl should reasonably have, I must have that new colour!



So when my eye caught this little beauty I knew I had to have it. It also helped that with my Priceline rewards voucher I got a $4 off Essie perk, AND they had 40% off all beauty so I got this for a STEAL.

I have been hunting for a green, which can be a tricky colour to wear on your nails. I think Essie have really gotten the tone (cool) right on this one, and it is more of a blue green than yellow, which helps it look chic on the nails, I think. It did take four coats to get the colour as opaque as I wanted it – this is a bit sheer and a tiny bit streaky. It also has a very matte finish, which is really cool and of course the brush, which Essie do brilliantly, is excellent.

I also tried a different top coat on it from L’Oreal, and I really like the effect. But this is definitely a colour I will be getting a lot of wear out for the coming months, as I really need a break from blue and red.


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