Budget Friendly Eyebrow Products

Budget Friendly Eyebrow Products




When Sali Hughes makes a budget product recommendation, I will usually rush out to buy it staright away. No shame there! So when she recently said she liked the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist I jumped on the sleek website and ordered two.

I have been looking for a new eyebrow product for a while. I have been using the MUA Pro Brow kit for a while, and while I really like it, I wanted to try a pencil-type product- but most of them come with a really high price tag! This was the perfect solution to trying a new product without worrying if it didn’t work out for me.

I ordered the Light and the Medium colours – even though I have very dark hair, my eyebrows quite sparse and my hair is very fine, and I don’t really like the ‘super drawn on’ eyebrow look; just a little extra definition and filling in the gaps is all I am after.

The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist comes with a waxy pencil nib that is triangular in shape, and on the other end a spooly to brush and groom the brows into place. I brush the spooly through before and after applying the product, as I feel it gives me that more natural look. I’ve mainly been playing with the medium colour, and I love the shape of the nib. It allows me to create very fine lines in the thinner parts of my brows, and fill in and define with the thicker parts… but it does take some practice. I am very glad I didn’t go darker, but again, that’s my personal taste of that more natural every day look. I am dying to get to a NARS counter and have a girl do massive statement brows on me one day. Just for fun!

Having been an eye brow powder girl for so long it is taking a little bit of getting used to. Brows definitely take longer with a pencil that with powder and a brush, but I am enjoying the change. It also lasts much longer than the powder does!

The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist retails for $8.99 US.


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