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The Battle of the Cleansing Waters!

Micellar Solutions


Ever since I can remember, or maybe since I started caring, beauty writers have raved about Bioderma Micellar water, most recently in its Sensibo/Crealin H20 incarnation.

Beauty enthusiasts wax lyrical about its make up removal powers and the way it leaves the skin soft and undamaged. And I agree with this. It takes my makeup off really nicely (before I properly cleanse) and doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes in any way, shape or form.

The problem is, that in Australia, Bioderma is very new, and crazy expensive. That little tiny bottle in the photo above retails for $19.95 in Priceline. I went through half of it, only using it on heavy makeup days (which is maybe once or twice a week) in two months. Yikes.

So when I saw someone (and I really can’t remember who, but it might have been Megan) on YouTube raving about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I thought it couldn’t hurt trying it out. In Priceline, this retails for $11.99 for 400ml. Nothing to lose in my opinion.

And can I say… I like the Garnier a whole lot more. I find it really takes my mascara off without any wiping or rubbing (no panda eyes when I am mid ‘proper’ cleanse) and my skin feels way more hydrated after using it. It may also be that I use it more liberally because it is cheaper, and for me that is a complete bonus. I keep my little bottle of Bioderma for travelling times, but I will definitely be holding onto the Garnier for a good long while.

This is not a cleanser in my opinion – I still cleanse my face every morning and night with a dedicated product. But for makeup removal, especially those more stubborn products like mascara and the Maybelline/MAC cream eyeshadows, this works like a dream.

Will you try the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water? Do you use the Bioderma?

Or have you tried another one I should know about?



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Budget Friendly Eyebrow Products

Budget Friendly Eyebrow Products




When Sali Hughes makes a budget product recommendation, I will usually rush out to buy it staright away. No shame there! So when she recently said she liked the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist I jumped on the sleek website and ordered two.

I have been looking for a new eyebrow product for a while. I have been using the MUA Pro Brow kit for a while, and while I really like it, I wanted to try a pencil-type product- but most of them come with a really high price tag! This was the perfect solution to trying a new product without worrying if it didn’t work out for me.

I ordered the Light and the Medium colours – even though I have very dark hair, my eyebrows quite sparse and my hair is very fine, and I don’t really like the ‘super drawn on’ eyebrow look; just a little extra definition and filling in the gaps is all I am after.

The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist comes with a waxy pencil nib that is triangular in shape, and on the other end a spooly to brush and groom the brows into place. I brush the spooly through before and after applying the product, as I feel it gives me that more natural look. I’ve mainly been playing with the medium colour, and I love the shape of the nib. It allows me to create very fine lines in the thinner parts of my brows, and fill in and define with the thicker parts… but it does take some practice. I am very glad I didn’t go darker, but again, that’s my personal taste of that more natural every day look. I am dying to get to a NARS counter and have a girl do massive statement brows on me one day. Just for fun!

Having been an eye brow powder girl for so long it is taking a little bit of getting used to. Brows definitely take longer with a pencil that with powder and a brush, but I am enjoying the change. It also lasts much longer than the powder does!

The Sleek Eyebrow Stylist retails for $8.99 US.

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MAC Paint Pots – A Love Story.

Mac Paint Pots




I am relatively new to cream eyeshadow. In my younger years I used to get the eye shadow crayons from Sportsgirl and smear them happily over my lid, only to feel mortified later on when I checked out my appearance to find the eyeshadow had crept into one thick line on my lip. Yuck.

Then, when I got addicted to reading beauty blogs, I found a few people raving about MAC Paint Pot in Painterly in their older posts. I dreamily wandered to the MAC counter in Myer in Sydney and tried it out. I didn’t think the colour worked for my skin and I try to stay away from pink tones near my eyes- I just don’t think the look works for me. But I couldn’t walk away without Vintage Selection, a Paint Pot in very neutral beige tone with the perfect amount of gorgeous shimmer through it. And let me tell you, it was love. I decided to try it for a day before coming back for other colours I had my eye on.

The first day I wore Vintage Selection, I found zero creasing. ZERO! I didn’t wear a primer on my eyelids (I don’t usually anyway, as I find it dries my eyelids out too much and makes them look crepey) and at the end of the day the eyeshadow was still perfectly applied across my entire lid. I practically ran back to Myer the next day and picked up Camel Coat, a matte beige colour and Frozen Violet, a shimmer pale lilac colour.

I am still as overjoyed with these as I was the day I bought them. I wear Camel Coat and Vintage Selection all the time. I get so many compliments of Vintage Selection – every time I wear it someone asks what I have on my eyes. Camel Coat is the perfect every day colour and works really well as a neutral base for putting powder eyeshadows over. I love Frozen Violet and wear it on my rare evenings out.

I was kind of shocked when I hunted online for others who loved the Paint Pots with the incredible fervor I felt… and found basically nothing. Sure a few people still rave about Painterly, but I genuinely can’t wait to grab a couple more next time I am near a MAC counter. I LOVE these, and if I had to pick one eyeshadow formulation to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the Paint Pot.

I guess some people might not like the fact that it comes in a little pot- well let me tell you why I like that! I find that I have greater control over how much goes on my eye when it’s in a pot ; I can apply with a brush or with my finger, and if I have too much product, I can reduce it on the back of my hand. And I can warm the product up by swirling my finger in the pt a few times, which helps with the application process. But really, applying is a dream anyway. So easy to get the perfect eye with these Paint Pots.

Anyway I think I have sung the praises of MAC Paint Pots Enough (I haven’t. I could go on for hours, as I have to my friends and sister, urging them to try these little pots of magic. See! Here I go again).
Have you tried them? Have you got a favourite colour?

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Navy Eyeliner

Navy Eyeliner.



One of my favourite summer looks is navy eyeliner with a neutral toned eyeshadow and barely there mascara. I love navy in the summertime! It might not be the look of ‘the moment’ but I find it really classic, cool and chic.

My current favourites are Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner in 02 Bleu and Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Navy Blue.

The Guerlain is a lovely deep and classic navy. The bottle is a beauty to behold, and reminds me of some kind of Persian treasure, with its long slim gold lid over a reassuringly heavy matte glass pot. The bush is firm enough to give a nice clean line without too much expertise needed from the person wielding it. The eyeliner itself is opaque and applies perfectly with one swipe – no need to go back and fill in the weird sheer places you get with some other liquid eyeliners. I mainly wear this with MAC Paint Pot in Camel Coat during the day, just to the end of my eyelid, and maybe at night with a tiny feline flick at the ends.

The SmashBox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner is a much more modern take on the idea of navy – or is it a call back to the eighties? Either way, I absolutely love it. To be completely honest with you, for a long time I didn’t wear it as an eyeliner at all, but rather as a cream eyeshadow to funk up an outfit when I was going out. And it works perfectly like that too! I apply this with my Real Techniques eyeliner brush, and the thing I really love about this product is that it’s really build-able. I can have quite a sheer electric blue look going on along my lash line, or build it to be that dark navy look. Either way, it’s very nice. The colour itself is a little more iridescent than the Guerlain, far lighter in colour and closer to royal blue than true navy. I live in fear of the day it starts to dry out, as I have no idea how to re-moisten these things!

Next on my navy list is the Clinique Quickliner Intense in Midnight.

Have you tried navy eyeliner? What ones do you love?

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Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick.


I currently only have two of these beauties, but I am waiting with bated breath for my local Priceline to stock the ‘new’ colours (i.e. ones that have been available on asos for AAAAAGES! – and to be fair I did order one for my sister in law on there, and they have since been out of stock of the colours I wanted by the time I figured out how much I wanted them!). I love the formula of these lipsticks – I find they wear really well, they don’t need to have perfectly prepared lips to be able to wear them, and I have found them to wear off evenly, so on nights out, I don’t have to look like a freak as I eat my meal!


I have owned (and written before) Oxford Street Fuchsia for about four months now. I love it. It’s quite a neon leaning fuchsia, and is very, very FUN. It works very well against my skin tone, which is quite pale, but I think it would work on a wide range of skin tones, if you like that slightly neon look. It has been one of my go-to lipsticks for summer, even with no other makeup, to pop down to the shops. It puts a smile on my face. I do find this shade more moisturizing than the next one…


I recently bought Funtime Fuchsia for about $6 at Priceline because they are clearing the old colours out to make way for the new ones (more about that in a tick). This colour is so lovely on. It’s a little closer to my all time favourite fuchsia lipstick (Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy) but it’s a little darker toned. While it’s not so ‘in your face’ as the other, it’s still very vibrant and when I recently wore it on a day out shopping the beauty counters at David Jones, I did have a couple of fellow shoppers ask me what I was wearing. This one is not as moisturizing as OSF, but not drying either. It works really well as a stain however, and I have used it to create a more muted look with gold eyeshadow.


So, what are the colours I am looking forward to? I really can’t wait to add In Love With Ginger to my collection of orange reds, and I have heard that As You Like Victoria is a deadest dupe for Hot Rose Sinner by Lipstick Queen. The local Priceline have my number for when they come in to stock. I can’t wait to hear my phone ring!


Have you tried these Rimmel lipsticks? What do you think?

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Top Five Pink Lipsticks

It’s hard starting out as a blogger who wants to talk about beauty. I want to talk about everything, I am scared of talking about things out of season as most of the world seems dominated by the northern hemisphere and their seasonal patters, and I am worried that I am not talking about new releases. But as a beauty shopper and as a person who scours the net for information on what I want to buy which isn’t always what’s new I thought I better start with the reviews I look for online. So. Let’s get started!a


It’s the last summer month here in Australia, perfect time for pink lips, and I have only just started buying pink lipsticks in the last few months.

I have picked five here , and I love all of these so, so bad; I have written about them in the order they appear in the photos and swatches.


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy. A friend sent me this recently from Canada. Oh. My. I love everything about this lipstick. I have been coveting them since Sali Hughes talked about them on her beauty website, but because they’re not readily available in Australia, I was worried about buying it without trying it out!

So it was love at first sight with this beauty. The packaging is really unique and very beautiful – I love the metallic feel of it, with the warped little lines down the dies. The lipstick itself is a perfect cool toned fuchsia, a colour I have recently become obsessed with, and the formula is creamy and opaque. It wears really well on me, even with eating and drinking it wears off evenly, not leaving me with a weird line out the outside of my lips. I love this, and I will soon have more colours. ALL THE COLOURS!

. This is the first proper pink I ever owned, and I love it. I wear it every day. It is a warmer tone than I normally prefer in a lipstick, but it works perfectly with Nars Orgasm on my cheeks and it gives colour without being too obvious and not too subtle. Love. 

Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in Vintage Pink. I bought this when I saw Lisa Elderidge wear it in a video. I love the colour, but it is definitely more of a winter pink- It is very pale, the texture is quite creamy for a crayon style and because its in the pencil look it’s easy to apply without a mirror. Again, it wears really well, and I think it would look amazing on people with darker skin than me –especially coffee, creamy skin tones.

Rimmel Moisture Renewal Lipstick in Oxford Street Fuschi. After Anarchy this is the most fun lipstick I own. I wear it with really dark smoky eyes and basically nothing else. I love it’s neon quality, although its not quite neon, and it’s that cooler tone I prefer. I love the formula of the Rimmel Moisture Renewal range, and am planning on buying Wild about Ginger.. well all of them really. And for that price, you can’t go wrong!

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lipstick in Rosy. I have said this about every colour here, and I guess that’s why it’s a post about favourite pinks, but I do really love this colour. It’s more of a red pink than any of the others, and while it’s a sheer formula, it is very buildable. I think this is the most versatile of all the colours I have listed here, as it works really well as a stain, a sheer-ed out colour or built up to be really bold. If Bobbi Brown didn’t test on animals, I would be buying a whole lot more of these, but sadly… that’s the way things are right now!


What are your favourite pink lipsticks?

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A battle with the Australian sun.


Sun Protection

My primary skin concern is sun protection due to my fear of melanoma or skin cancer, which accounts for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers in Australia each year. Also, to be honest, I have very pale skin and I hate being hot, so I avoid the sun as much as I can anyway. The sun in Australia really burns you. My other reason for it being my main concern that sun protection is a key to protecting your skin from premature signs of aging. I am not against aging, we’re all getting older, I am just not interested in looking like an old leather couch. My taste, my opinion, not for everybody.



Every single day I wear either Olay Complete UV Max Defence Lotion Sensitive SPF 30, or if I know I am going to be outside a whole lot more than walking to and from my car for work etc, I wear Ego Sunsense Moisturising Face Lotion with an SPF of 50.

Comparing these two, I prefer the Olay. It is far more moisturising, slightly thicker in consistency which is good for my dry and dehydrated skin. I can put a lot on and it all sinks in properly. The SunSense one sometimes balls up on my skin, or if I rub my décolletage at some point during the day, I can actually rub it off my skin. It also leaves a noticeably shiny layer on my face. I haven’t noticed a problem with putting makeup over top. I wish it sunk in further, because it’s really nice and light for hotter days when you don’t want to sweat everything off straight away, but it does ball up a little. If the Olay (well, stopped testing on animals for a start, but that’s a whole other thing!) came in a SPF 50 I wouldn’t buy the SunSense.

Actually if you guys know about sunscreen companies that don’t test on animals I would be very interested.


Sunscreen… Suncream, whatever.

For the Body and Face

Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50. I used to buy this years ago, and it always left me with a thick white sticky layer on my skin. I bought it on a whim when Priceline recently had 40% off all suncare, because it comes with a handy pump and was reasonably cheap. They must have reformulated it, because now it sinks in like a dream. I pop this on in the morning, after getting dressed, all over my arms, the back of my neck if my hair is up and on my feet if I am wearing open shoes, thongs or sandals.

Invisible Zinc SPF 50 4 hr Water Resistant. I also bought this on a whim because Zoe Foster recently wrote a long article about the benefits of wearing a physical sunscreen as opposed to a chemical one. Of course I didn’t take her actual advice about using the Invisible Zinc Tinted stuff, because that was about $10 more than this one. Holy mother this leaves you white and sticky. Not a fan just yet, but I do use it on the backs of my hands on long car trips, because being able to see it reminds me to reapply.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50 (I also use the Body Mist). Oh, my goodness I love this stuff. I have been using it for years, even though Neutrogena’s animal testing policy, or rather, my conscience has caught up with me. It is the perfect chemical sun cream and the mist (again, issues with the environmental effects of using endless aerosol cans has prevented me from repurchasing since my last one ran out) goes on so easy. Sinks into the skin well, leave no really noticeable change on the surface of the skin, makeup goes over perfectly.

Favourite? While I really adore the Neutrogena, I think Banana Boat Ultra wins out- it comes in a pump bottle, and the application is quick and easy for all over the body and the face. 

Next I want to try some of the Japanese brands. 

What is your favourite sunscreen? 

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