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Soft Silky, Shiny Hair!

Soft Silky, Shiny Hair- My Solution. 


Kerataste Resistance Ciment Thermique has been a lifesaver for me. I have always been a hair dyer. My mum let me start quite young, maybe 10 or 11 years old, just playing with henna and mainly going for reds. I soon progressed to at home colours, from bright reds, to purples, blacks and everyone’s old favourite Sun-In. As I have gotten older, I haven’t gotten any wiser. I have balayanged, dip-dyed, had streaks, gone from black to Rhianna inspired bright red. Even to this day I yen for white blonde hair, even though I know it will destroy my hair. So last year, in September, I decided to have a year off from colouring my hair – either professionally or at home. I wanted to have a look at what I really have now, after nearly two decades of endless punishment and fun.

About that time I started looking at treatments for my hair, and how to take better care of it. On my favourite beauty forums there seemed to be a significant group of women waxing lyrical about Ciment Thermique. Asit is designed for hair that is regularly subjected to extreme heat (I have a deep, endless love for my GHD) I decided to give it a go.

Now it has taken me a while to really get a hang of how to use this product. It must be applied to towel dried hair, and it must be dried with a hairdryer. If you allow your hair to air dry after applying this, it goes a funny crunchy dry texture… odd. I apply a small blob (it says on the back of the bottle to apply a walnut size amount, but that is far to much for my collarbone length fine hair) about a hazelnut, seeing as we are talking in nuts, to my palms, rub them together and then work it through my hair. Now here is the crucial thing I learned; not only should you really apply it carefully to your hair, but really work it in. Massage it into the lengths. And then I use my tangle teaser to brush it through.

I then ‘blow dry’ my hair with the Bablyiss Big Hair type thing that cheaper brands have copied, and voila- I have super soft, shiny, bouncing perfect hair just like in the shampoo adverts! I find my hair is less damaged, handles interacting with the GHD much better, and even a swim in the ocean doesn’t leave it as brittle as it once did. It’s official. I am a convert.



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